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So excited to capture your big day

Hi! I am so beyond thrilled that you are considering me to capture your special day! I would love to put together a wedding photography plan that is customized to fit your needs. This could mean something different for every couple. We will happily cover your engagements, first looks, reveals, bridals, wedding ceremony, reception, and anything else you’ve got planned. Just throw it at us (figuratively, of course). We can handle it. If your day is more simple and just needs a little bit of this an a little bit of that, no worries. We do that too. Send me a message, I’d love to hear from you.

For wedding day, we generally have two photographers shooting your day. That’s twice the photos and twice the angles, which means, we’ve always got you covered. How many images is that, you ask? Generally speaking, the ballpark is around 75-100 gorgeous images per hour of shooting time. A few weeks after the big day, you will receive these images in an online gallery, where you can download, print, and share them as you wish. If you would rather leave the printing to a professional (and I don’t blame you), I am here to serve. Whether it’s regular prints, enlargements, canvases, photo albums, thank you cards, invitations, or something else, let me help.

Engagements & Bridals

Let’s talk about the photos you need before the big day. Like engagements. You know, those photos that stick to people’s fridge for months at a time (as part of your wedding announcement or save-the-date). Your friends and family are literally going to be staring at those for months – possibly on a daily basis! In my book, that makes it pretty important to get those right. While planning engagement photos, I want you to think about what makes your love special. Where did you meet? What did you do for your first date? Your first kiss? Bringing your uniqueness into this shoot is what will set it apart as a keepsake forever. Something great about engagements is the fact that we can get these checked off your to-do list pretty early in the wedding planning process. Want help with your announcements? I can help with that, too.

Next up: bridals, groomals/formals, first look, reveals or any other photos you want taken before the wedding day in order to display them at your wedding. The biggest mistake couples make with these shoots is not giving us enough time before the big day. Art takes time. I need at least a few weeks to get these perfected and ready for print. Printing also takes time. That means, we need to take these at least a month before the wedding. For you, that may entail additional prep beforehand, like nails and hair and dress fittings and florals. Whatever that means to you, I am happy to help in any way that I can.

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